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project of the century - Twelve from 20 th

(epoxy resin, polyamide 210 x 210 x 285 mm)
Kazimir Malevich
(Kiev, Ukraine, 1878-1935, Leningrad, Russia)

In search for the truth, not for the easy fame of a subvertor, he was inspired to destroy "depicting" art both in theory and practice (the famous "Black Square" was called a bold full dot in the history of painting). Geometry - a sacred science of ancient times about the profound laws of the Universe was laid by Malevich in the basis of his system (Suprematism) and he remained its only classic.

In this world we are coming not for good,
That’s why it’s sensible to see the gloom,
Having depicted only part of it.
A flock, you know, the quadrate Black.
He who abides to his discredit,
Walks learnedly on the chain as if Cat.
“In red shoes…” – written in Last Will
In his last hours inside his house green
What time is it? Remind me of farewell!
Red spruce is only foil for sky’s aquamarine.

Mark Merman*

*Mark Merman – poet, dramaturgist, composer, performer. Born in 1958 in Minsk. Since 1991 lives in Canada and USA. To the “Project of the century” he responded with a set of poems. Translated by Andrej Bursau.

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