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project of the century - Twelve from 20 th

(steel, forging 210 x 210 x 285 mm)
Frans Mazereel
(Blankenbridge, Belgium, 1889-1979, ship on the way to Avignon)

His graphic works were being created synchrononously to the wild run of the century. He is close to German expressionists in the utmost tension between the boles of black and white. The sound association is alarm bell. This stern art of struggle is pierced through with dramatic pathos of heroic resistance. Strikes of his brush and chisel are reciprocal strikes full of fury but not fear.

All countries’ workers are in black.
Flutter the huddle’s brown flag!
This clarion still remains somewhere,
In case the flag is still in temples.
Sounds of forging beat all bedrooms’ moans.
Is there a scaffold among anvils?
It means the soul is riveted again,
Somehow it has to jostle in the metal.
How will the century end? The same it did begin.
And by the way what was the start of it?

Mark Merman*

*Mark Merman – poet, dramaturgist, composer, performer. Born in 1958 in Minsk. Since 1991 lives in Canada and USA. To the “Project of the century” he responded with a set of poems. Translated by Andrej Bursau.

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