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project of the century - Twelve from 20 th

(marble 170 x 170 x 325 mm)
Amedeo Modigliani
(Livorno, Italy, 1884-1920, Paris, France)

He is close to cubists in his search for new means of expression through deformation. The marble of his "idols" keeps spells of ancient Egyptian and African sculpture. The lengthened shapes of "Modigliani's cannon" show the elegance and suppleness of cypress, a graveyard tree. The refined sensuality of his portraits and nudes is softly lightened by presence of death - a tender sister of love.

To cogitate itself, Montmartre.
Take off the shoes and feel the couseways.
Oh, please depicture necks and faces,
Which wouldn’t be like all this Paris art.
On canvas there are stones marmoreal.
So disappear as if time becomes unreal.
Look! there lies a strophe A.A.A.?
The only one invented by a moment…
Like two amies – the glory and neglect
Have been in sillence for the centuries’ way.

Mark Merman*

*Mark Merman – poet, dramaturgist, composer, performer. Born in 1958 in Minsk. Since 1991 lives in Canada and USA. To the “Project of the century” he responded with a set of poems. Translated by Andrej Bursau.

* A.A.A. – Anna Andreevna Akhmatova, the Russian poetess (1889 – 1966)

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