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project of the century - Twelve from 20 th

(mahogany 210 x 210 x 285 mm)
Pablo Picasso
(Malaga, Spain, 1881-1973, Mougin, France)

He endowed Cubism with the system of depicting objects simultaneously from several viewpoints with the rage and African energy of his temperament. Having quenched the first of overcoming and struggling, he turned to the "old" arsenal of art. Picasso's attitudes toward classics are a magical dialogue and amorous competition. His life in art is a series of steep turns where one can always guess the same face behind various masks.

African virgins’ groin or profile.
Carnage of tribes. Handmade masks’ carving.
White race’s debris, sacrifice
Have not forgotten yet its chanting.
Corrida, corridor. Bullfighting.
Ochre is gained there by cutting
The middle finger sensibly enough.
Words are not clotted yet in blood.
If it is grass or wood – for cubic Cow
It doesn’t matter, anyhow.

Mark Merman*

*Mark Merman – poet, dramaturgist, composer, performer. Born in 1958 in Minsk. Since 1991 lives in Canada and USA. To the “Project of the century” he responded with a set of poems. Translated by Andrej Bursau.

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