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project of the century - Twelve from 20 th

(pinetree, sandblasting 210 x 210 x 285 mm)
Andrew Wyeth
(born 1917, Chudds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA)

All his life through this lonely artist, who never joined any movement, has painted the same places, people, things that grew older with him. He is compared to hyperrealists, in both cases taking into account striving for the cold objectivity of photography. However, it was Wyeth's own author's view endowing his pictures with vigorous inner dynamics, that gave birth to a huge number of imitations, including those in cinema.

A beetle comes and eats the wood,
Descends upon his own truncations,
He counts them, as he’d like to,
He’s not afraid of wrong directions.
A little shorter, a bit too far –
Sharpen the holes as time’s up.
The whole world around two miles
Is still foudroyant, it beguiles.
The farms, automobiles, hulks –
The world’s agrarian and bulk.

Mark Merman*

*Mark Merman – poet, dramaturgist, composer, performer. Born in 1958 in Minsk. Since 1991 lives in Canada and USA. To the “Project of the century” he responded with a set of poems. Translated by Andrej Bursau.

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