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    About Voichenko

The History of the brilliant creative tandem Cesler & Voychenko has entered in new phase. The Sensation is woke;waked sometime inwardly collapsed one of tower-twin. The Landscape became other: disappeared much значимая coordinate-вертикаль. Think, Sergey and did not suspect, as great number of the people, which will feel exactly so. Can, we and themselves this did not suspect. How much strewn on the whole world to people, turns out to be, it is important was simply know that sometime there, in distant Minske, in mansard-workshop, in butt end of the famous table always, or nearly always sits Voychenko (many considered that he there and veins) and thinks the pencil on uncountable slip under coffee and cigarette, under coffee and cigarette Why has not taken out of urn although vapour(pair) on memory? Look sometimes on anything from art, and suddenly мелькнет: but after all Voychenko has said on this: Lazha . And truth лажа , - will answer him mentally. And all. In professional attitude he was an exact indicator quality: his(its) intuitions and feeling stiletto possible was entrust absolutely. And this knew all. Lazhu, even in microscopic dose in art not only, but also in lifes in general, from meal before relations - he felt somehow all essence, or, better say, organism. He no need was do the discount on that what-that did not read, did not know that veins in provinces... And else: much little here people, which внятно (them with Ceslerom loved poster one of most внятных art) can answer the questions, what is a well, what is a bad, and in general - that, strictly, occurs? Or has occurred: posters "Stainless Stalin", "1939, begin wars in Hollow", "Carl Marks 1990-h", "Afghanistan", "Good morning, Belarus!" and many other appeared in consequence of cogitation, rather then order. We this внятное word was it is necessary. It is Necessary and presently. The Artist with such mature professional thinking and talent was a worthy greater scale of their exhibit: certainly that them with Ceslerom projects of the areas and monument, object and actions could change the look a city so that us merry was in them to live. Goodbye, Serezha.

Tatiyana Bembeli